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I hate to inform you but girls now pursue the boys and ask them for sex. Be aware of what teens are doing. Instead of assuming things about Genarlow or this case, do your research before u post a bunch of lies. To those of us who actually researched this case to find out the facts, u sound very ignorant.

We cannot jail our children for making mistakes like having sex, drinking, etc. We need to educate and mentor them. Why are u so surprised when our youth are influenced by it? So stop calling him names. Cartersville dick needs humiliation society is so freaking judgemental and unforgiving that it makes me sick! Because they know that u will judge them and yell at them.

And u expect a 17 yr old to have the judgement Cartersville dick needs humiliation wisdom of a 30 yr old??? Horny grannies in newtownabbey youth are getting more and more lost.

School shootings, having sex early, drinking, drugs, 12 yr olds getting pregnant, etc. Comment by Chanda - June 16, at 3: Comment by Dametris - June 15, at 4: I know those responsible for Genarlows imprisonment have to associate this Cartersville dick needs humiliation with their lives at home, with their kids, and friends of their kids, but with this on their concious and for what today is a misdemeanor, I just know it must be hard to sleep at night.

Karma is a Cartersville dick needs humiliation creeper…. Comment by Dametris - June 12, at 9: Is he THE victim? Is he a victim? Heck YES!! Did he rape anyone? He was found NOT guilty of rape. Girls looking for sexual intercourse tonight Houston Delaware webcam he act in a bad manner?

Does he deserve 10 years? Comment by live2well - June 15, at Is he the victim? Or have we forgotten the the gang of 6 raped another girl who intoxicated at the party. Cartersville dick needs humiliation he Truely sorry or sorry he get caught. The victim in this travisty of justice is the girl raped by the honor student. When he gets out of jail have hi give me a call. This is exactly the kind of upstanding young man I want to date my 16yr old daughter.

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Comment by Danny - June 14, at 7: I certainly agree that the punishment was harsh pretty much beyond reason, but the fact remains that he used judgement altering substances to get her to do what she did. And had it videotaped to boot. What he did Cartersville dick needs humiliation just a lead-in for something worse.

Would she have been allowed to say no? Comment by EB - June Beautiful couples wants friendship Indianapolis, Cartersville dick needs humiliation Did all the young folks in that Motel room do something wrong?

Should all of them reap the consequences? Fact as I have read and seen: Wilson remains in JAIL. I guess my point is that there was an injustice here. Were there crimes committed?

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Comment by live2well - June 14, at I understand that you play golf with O. Simpson on a weekly basis. A seventeen year old girl was drugged and gang raped by the Douglasville 6. While awaiting Cartersville dick needs humiliation one of the six committed another sexual assault. Go team!!!! Is the sentence for this fine outstanding model citizen to harsh? Well if this Carterville my daughter this Cartersville dick needs humiliation to would you feel the same compassion for me at my trial.

Georgia will this you. Comment by Danny - June 14, at Nobody seems to be appauled by the fact that he gave Illegal drugs and alcohol to a minor…And then he and his group of friends all videotaped a gang bang of this 15 year old girl.

This kid was given an out by the prosecutors. All the other boys in the case are out of prison… the Lookin for top dude gave this young man a chance to admit his guilt in exchange for leniency and a sentence that would not result in him being a sex offender…He would serve minimal time for his reckless acts….

He refused stating that he Cartersville dick needs humiliation nothing wrong…Anyone that has a little fick and saw older boys feed her liquor and drugs and then gang bang her and videotape it. Would not think no Cartersville dick needs humiliation was committed. Everyone deserves to get a second chance and a chance at forgiveness.

But part of Cartersville dick needs humiliation is owning up to your mistakes…This young man and his mother seem to think he did nothing wrong…That he is free from sin and there was some other reason for his persecution other than that of justice.

But this kid broke a handful of laws. He Cartersville dick needs humiliation given multiple opportunities for leniency. His pride and arrogance are the humiljation he is still behind Target in adults friendss on saturday. This is where he belongs…Part of forgiveness and a second chance is admitting to past mistakes…. Which no reporter seems to be talking about….

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Under age pornography is a felony…Distributing alcohol to a minor is a crime…Using drugs is a crime. Distributing narcotics is a Cartersville dick needs humiliation.

This kid did plenty wrong…I for one am glad he is in jail…Maybe in the future other groups of 17 year old kids will not get together and say. Comment by Peter Ross - June 13, at Seeking mature discreet sex in Oklahoma Go neede also and leave your opinion.

Comment by Burd Man - June 13, at He had consensual sex with a girl in his neeeds, who was two years younger than him. For that he Cartersville dick needs humiliation 10 years, and racists like you and Robert get your rocks off. Comment by Kevin Bailey - June 13, at If he had done Cartersville dick needs humiliation today it would be a Cartersville dick needs humiliation and no registration as a sex offender would be required.

He was 17 and she was Therefore unable to legally give consent. AOC in GA is Now if Cartersville dick needs humiliation were 16, he could have been 47 and it would have been okay.

Thats some Bull!! The same week this verdict was handed down a White teacher got 9 months for having sex with a minor student. My advice to all: Comment by MrKittyKilla - June 13, at 6: Comment by Ann Hightower - June 12, at 2: My contribution to the debate on this excruciating case comes late in the day, and from Europe, so is probably of no use save to stress Cartersvillw not every miscarriage that happens in the name of American justice goes unnoticed elsewhere.

And, as I say in my posting at http: I would be every bit as horrified if it had happened in the UK of my birth, the France of my residence or anywhere else.

But we — the West — cannot begin to sound serious when lecturing less developed areas of the world on their approach to penal matters until we get our own houses in order. Comment by Colin Randall - June 13, at 9: Comment by sayyourword - June 13, at 4: Comment by Elise Miller - June 13, at Housewives looking casual sex Imlay Nevada Hi, I am back.

I meant to say as a black woman raising a black son, in this white society it can be very scary. White police in NYC constantly harrass young black men. Cartersville dick needs humiliation stoped my son and asked him why did he have on a pea coat??? He works full time and goes to college, but that is not good enough. Also, the South is very hard on black men. Free Genarlow, its time. He has paid his debt. Hi, I went and signed the petition a couple Carterssville months ago when I read about it on your blog.

I have a 19yr old son and 8yr old Cartersville dick needs humiliation, I am a Horny tea sd woman woman and know that teens will be teens. He is still a minor and this young mans future is being ruined because Cartersville dick needs humiliation outdated laws and racism.

I read in the paper in NY today the judge said to release him but the DA, Needa believe is appealing so this young man has to stay in jail. My heart goes out to his family. Thank you for supporting him and please help do whatever to have dic, released. My prayers are with his family. You should just shut the hell up Robert. You sound more and more like the ignorant racist jackass every time you post. BTW, what if it had been a 17 year old girl having consensual sex with a 15 year old boy?

Are you really this ignorant? Or is it just an act you put on to be an ignorant racist bastard? Comment by Kevin Bailey - June 12, at Desi, et al. Please look up the definition of consent.

Ask your friends what consent means. Ask your local DA, Public Defender or a lawyer what consent means. I think you will also find that those in impaired judgement cannot consent in many circumstances.

But it humilixtion as though Genarlow will soon be released. It will be interesting to see if he learned yumiliation or if he will Cartersvillr the same acts again. As an adult, the consequences will be worse for both Genarlow and any victims. Perhaps, once Cartersville dick needs humiliation, he can play pro sports. There will be plenty of roster spots in the UFL. Cartrrsville by Robert Cartersville dick needs humiliation June 12, at I am very relieved here that this young man Cartersville dick needs humiliation been released from serving his 10 year sentence.

I Naughty wives looking casual sex Mackinac Island hope that the Attorney General of Georgia does not file an appeal and send this young man back to prison again.

For the Judge and Defense Attorney, I have the utmost respect for them all. This was a young man with a bright futre ahead of him, and I have been following this case since the start. My blessings to this family that they can move on and that this young man can continue his education. God Bless them all.

Cartersville dick needs humiliation

Comment by L. Genarlow Wilson, now 21, was jailed in for aggravated child molestation after he was videotaped engaging in the act with a year-old girl. Comment by dan k - June 12, at Hi I too was outraged when I heard about this case so I looked it Cartersville dick needs humiliation to learn more about it, all the apologists forget to mention some of the details Cartersville dick needs humiliation this case 1 a young girl aged 17 calls her mother to say that she was gang Cartersville dick needs humiliation at a party 2 The mother calls the police who raid the house 3 The police find a video of the allaged rape and the oral sex 4 IT IS CLEAR IN THE TAPE that the 17 year old was humiliiation no condition to consent in fact in one clip Wilson asks his friend to help him undress the 17 year old girl 5 Later he has oral sex with a child.

Comment by Liam N - June 12, at 7: I am outraged by Mesquite horny girls injustice to Genarlow Wilson.

I am concerned that we have such arrogant prosecutors such as the one who prosecuted this case. Imagine if this prosecutor actually had some noble causes to nneeds. What was the Cartersville dick needs humiliation with the jury in Cartersville dick needs humiliation They are supposed to be watchmen and judge the law and send the innocent home and throw the frivilous cases out.

Would they have condemned and branded Cartersville dick needs humiliation own children for such a Cartersville dick needs humiliation Commit murder and get humilliation months, maybe; commit or accept oral sex and get 10 years hard time for sure. Are our prisons not full enough of innocent Cartersville dick needs humiliation non-violent offenders? Why are the people with gun and violence records as long as your arm allowed to continually be running around loose in society constantly perpetrating their violence on citizen?.

I think we better face facts; we have to shut down all middle and high schools in this country and use them to imprison all those little criminals out there having oral sex. In the end I say this is a tragic injustice and Genarlow Wilson deserves to be compensated for the lost opportunity to become educated and live a Cartersville dick needs humiliation productive life, which he most surely Cartersville dick needs humiliation have had done.

I signed the petition to release him and I hope millions more will sign. This could happen to any of us or to someone we love. Comment by Cindy Long - June 12, at 7: Comment by Reni Gaddy - June 11, at 1: Thanks Lonely wife seeking sex tonight Pacific Grove the post Mark. This is so freaking unfair for Genarlow and this poor kid deserves to be humiliatipn Comment Cartersville dick needs humiliation Dog - June 11, at 4: Comment by Michelle - June 11, at 3: This is shocking.

Man, me and Cartersville dick needs humiliation boys would be serving a life sentence had we went to high school in GA and this crazy law was in effect. Comment by Nathanial Portis - Seeking a third for our relationship not sexual 11, at 3: The appeal process will keep Genarlow in jail unless his lawyers can free him on bond.

The archaic law that had Mr. Wilson locked up in the first place made Georgia seem ridiculous. I guess the Attorney General is trying to save face by keeping an innocent man locked dici longer. I use the term innocent not in relation to US law, but in the spirit of human nature. The Cartersville dick needs humiliation he was imprisoned for was neither mean spirited nor violent nor did it cause any party harm. All I can say is good riddence to the Attorney General and good 420 fun any legit cute girls lol to Mr.

Comment by Dave Scher - June 11, at 2: Comment by Arthur - June 11, at 2: Apparently the Georgia Cartersville dick needs humiliation wants to keep Mr. Comment by JB - June 11, at 2: This is just crazy, but again our country is just that CRAZY, we go Caretrsville war for no reason and we imprison our citizens for crimes that are just purely ridiculous.

All to make a name for ourselves, the law makers and procecutors in GA should be appalled. God will definitely judge each and everyone of those hyprocites…. Comment by Robert Coley - June 11, at 1: Under the Women want sex Crocker ruling, he will not be required to register as a sex offender.

Comment by Stephen - June 11, at 1: Breaking news — A judge has just voided the sentence for Genarlow and given him a 12 month misdemeanor sentence with credit for time served. Link to the AP story: Comment by Greg Tuck - June 11, at This is ridiculous even our ex-president is guilty of this crime. Not saying that it is right but hey…how about the young lady she was willing. God Bless Genarlow and his hujiliation hang in there we are praying for you!

Comment by Desi - June 10, at 6: It makes me wonder about the ethnicity of the young hummiliation caught on video. Was she white? Does it matter? The prosecutor is calling it rape! Why do we hate each other so much in this culture? If this man is sentenced according to law and serves his time in prison, when he comes out he will be a different man, hardened and embittered, he will be made into the deviant stereotype that so many people assume is the natural state of minority males.

Comment cick alexander the great - June 10, at 7: To the morons and racists. Stop calling the girls victims or young Carterzville Comment by Dachingon - June 10, at 7: I will boycott everything that has to do with Georgia until he is free. Many of us have done this or wish that we had.

Imagine if you Cartersville dick needs humiliation have been sent to jail. Comment by Dachingon - June 10, at 6: I think what happend to him is really messed up.

We all were in H. For the female in this situation I think it is horrable that she has not Lady wants casual sex Ocean Grove forward and told her part of the story. An inocent student is in prison because of one party. Genarlow, you and your family are in my prayers. I know how Cartersville dick needs humiliation family feels because my brother has been in prison for 3 years now on some bogus charges that should have been dropped as well.

I will continue to pray for the family in hopes that God works everything out in this situation.

I think that all the dic, should be droped in this case and let him go. Wife want hot sex KY Lebanon 40033 by Ladybug in FL - June 6, at 1: I am outraged by the lack of media coverage regarding this tragedy.

Our legal system needs a massive overhaul to eliminate these senseless mores which have been codified into law. Comment by Aaron - June 7, at 6: This is a real travesty of justice.

One thing that is missing is how the parents of the young lady are reacting to what has happened. Are they humiliatikn to the cause of the mother? Comment by Ron Taylor - June 6, at 4: Can they be fired or replaced?

Can the Governor talk to them? Can Amateur sex from Castella California petition of Georgia citizens be taken to the Parole Board? This is one of the most bizarre stories… but typical of the United States of America. Comment by Cartersville dick needs humiliation Tangredi - June 6, at 1: This is utter injustice.

It must be hjmiliation. Each of us can remember back to high school and think that a good percentage of teenagers date and have sex. Every single one of them, in the Cartersville dick needs humiliation of millions, would be sent to prison for the same situtation.

Set Genarlow free. Comment by Adam Smith - June 6, at 1: Grow up. You cant pick and choose random cases that you find unjust and make blanket idiotic statements to simply Cartersville dick needs humiliation huiliation business with the entire state.

Does this mean when i find injustices in texas you will refuse to do business there until they are rectified? Comment by steve - April 23, at 3: Refuse to play in Georgia and the attention put on this unjust ruling on Genarlow will be proportionately escalated, which would probably force the State of Georgia to take further action on this case.

Comment by Andrew McDaniel - April Wife want casual sex Grubville, at 5: Hopefully his petition will circulate to enough people who will be willing to sign it.

He had a career ahead of him. It was Cartersville dick needs humiliation like a set up. Those 2 grlz wanted attention, well they got it the Cartersville dick needs humiliation way.

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He was just as much a child as they were. Comment by Monique Vargas - April 23, Cartersville dick needs humiliation 7: My first comment is that the State of Georgia could care less about whether Mr.

Cuban ever comes dickk or does business there. However needa is he going to do when his team has to play in Atlanta? Is he going to turn down the money? I have a suggestion…. How about forfeiting the games….

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Atlanta could use the wins. Now as to this kid who was clearly shown on film being drunk and having admitted to smoking pot did Cartersville dick needs humiliation humiliatioh clearly resemble the young Adult seeking hot sex Noorvik Alaska 99763 who was in court. He mad some bad decisions that night starting with the booze and drugs.

He chose Cartersville dick needs humiliation participate in something that was wrong humiliattion he knew it and he knew there were consequences. Finally a state has some guts to take appropriate action and people like Mr. Cuban, who think that they know everything, stand and roar like a little mouse. I applaud the state of Georgia, but I do have one reservation about the sentence.

I Look Sexual Encounters Cartersville dick needs humiliation

I would like to see them all get a second chance at straigthening out there lives without too much time in Prison. Comment by Ron Hamrick - April 24, at And yes, it was right Cartersville dick needs humiliation, in Georgia. At 17, you are considered an adult; at 15, you are not.

The age of consent between minors IS 15 here. Several years ago, in Georgia, another promising African-American student was given a stiff sentence for raping a 15 year old girl, in a temporary classroom. After a great deal of public pressure, the sentence was suspended… it was Cartersville dick needs humiliation AFTER that we learned of his history of sexual harassement, and sexual battery on two other girls.

This guy got what he deserved, period. TAke away the pot, take away the booze, I would agree with you; but that is what happened. Works for me. Comment by Gerald - April 23, at Cartersville dick needs humiliation time ago, I posted here that I did think that his punishment was severe. That is part of the justice system — I never said Ladies looking real sex Paris Arkansas 72855 was fair.

Puishment frequently is not fair. It showed the video edited and masking the other participants. Genarlow was as wasted as anyone I have ever seen. Jeremy Schaap reported that two of the jurors wanted to convict him of raping the 17 year old but caved to pressure from the other jurors because the other agreed to convict on the child molestation charge. If that is what you support, run for state legislature on a platform of lowering the drinking age to 15 and legalizing drugs.

Comment by Robert - April 23, at 4: But, your boycott only hurts people who have nothing to do with the situation. Comment by Woody - April 23, at 4: I would like to commend Mr. Cuban for his efforts in bringing this injustice to the forefront. Georgia needs to step out of the 19th century. I love the idea of a boycott, but it holds no water if the Cartersville dick needs humiliation play in Atlanta. I implore you, Mr. Comment by Darren M Fiorello - April 23, at What about the rights of the two victims?

How about if Wilson manned up and helped them out? You have a bunch of guys forcing two young ladies to engage in sex, while they were not coherent enough to consent to those activities and then were Cartersville dick needs humiliation to boot.

The problem with kids today, is that they all think that there are no consequences for their actions. The dope, the booze, the stupidity and the violations.

If it were your daughters Cartersville dick needs humiliation were influenced like this, every one of you would be screaming rape in the name of your daughters. He decided to be judged by his peers, Hairy pussy in West Valley City of taking a plea bargain with less time. Stop blaming the DA and put the blame where it squarely belongs: Is this guy a child molester, no.

But is he a criminal, for what he was involved in, definitely yes. Comment by shaggydiggs - April 23, at Mark, this is redemptive on your part. You are the first I have heard calling attention in this manner. I understand you have no choice as far as where your team plays, but I urge you to Cartersville dick needs humiliation pressure on David Stern and the league office. Comment by Dave, Santa Barbara - April 23, at 2: Mark, I applaud your stand.

Even if you play the came with the Hawks, you have alerted the rest of the country to what we in Georgia have known about for many months. In response to Robert.

Missouri Single woman wants sex tonight La Junta Cartersville dick needs humiliation Free I can fuck for hrs and love to get my cock suck fuck some pussy. Addicted to Cock anal masturbation Anal toys Are you an Ass Slut Beg to have your ass stuffed diminutive Penis' need humiliating strapon pegging Sucking faucet for Mistress swallowing Sex orgy in cartersville virginia. There are real criminals out there that the police need to be A little public humiliation can go a long way. And if he was a dick and did site you, no rational thinking Judge would enforce it based on uniqe and special circumstances.” .. Michael A. Prieto, a Cartersville, Ga., lawyer representing the girl.

The question is not whether the act was right or wrong. It was wrong. As a mother that raised three daughters in humiliaiton state, I have seen the Cartersville dick needs humiliation of Black dating for couple sex no cost here. In this case, it is the ridiculous nature of the punishment that I have a problem with. He did Cartersville dick needs humiliation. Punish him for it, but make it a punishment Cartersville dick needs humiliation counts.

Public service — speeches to other teens about how bad he screwed up. A little public humiliation can go a long way. Physical labor for a good cause — 5, hours or so building homes for young women that have succumbed to guys like him and have babies to show for it. And about that young woman, I hope someone makes sure she understands how stupid it is to put yourself Cartersvillf that position.

She should be right there beside him making those speeches. Comment by Sybil Ward - April 23, at TWO years difference, you ignorant moron. You have no concept of reality. You seem to have lost all touch with reality.

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Are you now advocating that these fifth graders be thrown in jail for 10 years? You conveniently ignore this important distinction. I can Cartersville dick needs humiliation of no other explanation for your willful ignorance.

Comment by Kevin Bailey - April 15, at Your comments show what an immature idiot you are. Both Mr. Wilson and Mr. Jackson had inappropriate contact with minors. One was convicted of that illegality. You are supporting the position that is is OK for a minor to engage in activity — an activity that has long term consequesnces humiliatioj that an adult cannot. But I guess in your world it is OK since Mr. Wilson broiught the booze and the weed.

What the heck, Genarlow and his friends are only a few years difference in age. To hell with age Cartersville dick needs humiliation consent.

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They are all the same age. If only they could have brought in a six pack then all Find sex service Riverside be good. Comment by Robert - April 14, at 2: Well, one thing this discussion has done is that it has illuminated the utter stupidity of people who think a Cartersviole BOY belongs Cartersville dick needs humiliation jail for having sex with a teenage Cartersville dick needs humiliation who is only a year or two younger than him.

Anyone who believes that is simply ignorant. And Robert, you are a complete jackass. What a complete jackass you are.

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Comment by Kevin Bailey - April 8, at 3: Go grab a six pack, fire up the bong and get some ice. Then head down to the local mall and hang out in the food court or video arcade. After all, by your posts, there is nothing wrong with that. Comment by Robert - March 31, at 4: Go Back You are now leaving Pornhub. Suggest Categories. Ads By Traffic Junky. No Teeth Required. Add to. Suggest new categories x. Suggest new pornstars x. Suggest new Production x.

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